Parking Industry Expo 2019

Welcome to the Parking Industry Expo 2019!

We Changed our Name!  We are now an EXPO!

Why?  Because we are now grown-up!

An expo is a large-scale trade show often conducted on an international level. Think of an expo as a hybrid of a trade show and conference that is mainly focused on exhibitors. Expos are often sprinkled with a few sessions or seminars put on by the show organizer that pertain to the topic of the expo. They’re a great way to get a lot of attention on your event since they are so huge and typically have many attendees.

PIE 2019 – A Place to CONNECT

  • Connect with your peers
  • Connect with parking and transport industry leaders
  • Connect with the technology you need
  • Connect with new ideas
  • Connect with the premiere information conference

PIE 2019 – Make a Connection

See some of the action which took place at PIE 2018!




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