Parking Industry Exhibition - The Parking Event for 2018

Smart Parking / Smart Cities Symposium

Thursday, March 29, 2018
Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Grand Ballroom

2020/2021 will be a real interesting time for the Parking Industry.   The intersection of the smart (autonomous) car, smart parking and smart cities, will all have a direct impact on how our business changes in the future. This convergence will mean that we MUST get out of our silo, take off the blinders and realize that we, as an industry, are expected to be an active participant in something larger than us. We can no longer be smug about how 'invisible' we are.

There are currently monthly meetings where cities talk about how to become smart and what technology they need to do so. But Parking is seldom mentioned. With the rare exception, we currently have no place at this important table.

This half day symposium will bring together cities, universities, airports, and parking operations to discuss just how we can be involved in the Smart City tsunami and what it will bring to our industry, and what we can bring to our cities, universities, airports and like organizations.

Is the Smart City concept real, or just a way for the major hardware and software suppliers to create a new market with deep pockets? Do we care? Often markets start that way and then find traction and provide true benefits to the participants. 

We must not be left out, but if the national seminars and meetings we have seen are any example, we are afterthoughts. The Parking Industry cannot let that happen. 

The Smart Parking / Smart Cities Symposium will discuss how we can prepare ourselves for Smart City Discussions, will provide examples of how parking can become a smart city function, and give you insight into a phenomenon that will affect your organization and your future.


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