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PIE 2018 Seminar Schedule Announced

PIE 2017 Educational Seminars


The Parking Industry Exhibition 2017 continues our cutting edge seminars and events focusing on the latest developments in the parking industry.  This year’s event brings us back to our traditional home base at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL.   

PIE 2017 will feature a multi-day session for On-Street Parking Management by Paul Barter, Adjunct Associate Professor in the LKY School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore (NUS) where he teaches on urban transport policy. In addition, Dr. Mark Goulston, bestselling author and speaker, will channel Steve Jobs with his Whoa, Wow, Hmmm, Yes presentation. Rounding out the Keynote presentations will be Barefoot Wine founder and motivational speaker Michael Houlihan as he shares his approach to business that looks at products and services from a slightly different point of view.


We are focusing on Municipalities, University and Hospital Campus Parking, Shopping and Business Development, and Commercial Parking Operations.  Each group will have a series of seminars, presentations, and expert meetings honed to their particular needs. It will be like a Forum for each within the event.


The seminar program at PIE 2017 will bring together the greatest minds in the parking industry to focus on four segments:

•  Municipalities

•  Universities/Hospitals

•  Business Developments/Shopping Centers

•  Commercial Parking Operators

Each sector will have multiple seminars completely devoted to the its unique issues. PLUS we will feature Boot Camp, Technology Camp, and a special Keynote to kick of Technology Wednesday. You won’t want to miss PIE 2017.



PIE 2017 Culminates our 20 Years of Service to the Parking Industry.


Don’t miss out on this year's outstanding educational seminars outside of Chicago at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL.



Here are the innovative and exciting seminar sessions planned for PIE 2017!



Boot Camp & Technology Camp

Sunday, March 5, 2017


8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Parking 101 Boot Camp

This represents the fourth year of the NEW parking industry Boot camp.  With an industry changing as rapidly as ours, the pressure is always on developing a BootCamp that can keep new and long-time members alike up to speed on the challenges they face to keep their operations performing.  This year, Bootcamp will be divided into three sections that address the three most important challenges facing parking operations.  As I and our team at The Parking Network, Inc. and Flow Thru Technologies are traveling around the country and interacting with parking operations and parking professionals, we can easily see the trends developing that are challenging each of us.  This year’s Bootcamp will discuss in detail each of these challenges, discuss the details of why they are challenges, and develop a program for solutions.  Intermixed with the topic discussions will be representatives from each of the parking market segments and experts in some of the emerging technologies to help answer questions and promote further discussions.  

And finally, in the tradition of the New Boot camp, we will end the day with the Lego Challenge.  Of course, the Lego Challenge is a highly guarded secret and each year’s Bootcamp attendees must pledge to maintain and guard the secret.  After the 2017 Bootcamp, you too will become one of the chosen few dedicated to guarding the secret of the Lego Challenge.


Session Leader : Clyde Wilson, Flow Thru Technologies, The Parking Network


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


You Can Sell More Wearing a Funny Hat! 


Michael Houlihan is a business growth consultant, sought after media guest, and “entrepreneurial cheer leader.” As a successful serial entrepreneur, he is most widely known for creating Barefoot, now the world’s top wine brand. Starting in his laundry room with no money and no knowledge of the wine industry, he brought in an outsider’s view which disrupted the entire industry. Michael specializes in helping entrepreneurs distinguish themselves through an expanded view of customer service. His clients are among the Fortune 500 and the INC 500. 


Michael is a widely published New York Times bestselling author. His interviews and contributions appear in many business publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and 43 Business Journals. He is the recipient of the Bradley Distinguished Entrepreneurial Speaker Award and his book, The Barefoot Spirit, How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart, Built America’s #1 Wine Brand is used in more than 50 schools of entrepreneurship internationally. His new book, The Entrepreneurial Culture, 23 Ways to Engage and Empower Your People is highly recommended by the C-Suite Book Club.

In his Keynote: You Can Sell More Wearing a Funny Hat! You will learn: 


•    Why Fun and Feelings Work

•    Why prospects buy with their heart and justify with their brain.

•    How to sell the feeling they will have - before you sell the reason they should have it.

•    How to keep it light and entertaining – they have to like you first

•    How to translate your product or service into feelings

•    How to ad humor to your presentation


Leave with a new perspective on your proposition and anxious to apply it!


Michael uses real-life stories from Barefoot’s humble beginnings to bring to life the lessons he learned and make them memorable. 


Presented by : Michael Houlihan, Co-Founder, Barefoot Wines and New York Times Bestselling Author, The Barefoot Spirit, The Entrepreneurial Culture


2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Technology Camp – Tech for newbies and not so new to parking

To understand Parking Technology, you need to know a bit about how technology, the internet, communications, and data storage works. There are buzz words like “ip” or “cloud based” or “on line” that have specific meanings. They are often used and the people who use them don’t know what they mean.  Technology Camp will prepare you for the upcoming sessions, and for your return to a technology laden parking operation.


Session Leader :  Tom Wunk, Vice President, PARCS Strategy and Sales, T2 Systems, Inc. and Angela Hall, UMAB, Grant Dawson, T2, Alex Israel, Parkme and Robert Amante, Genetec.

General EDUCATIONAL Sessions

Monday, March 6, 2017


8:00 am - 9:30 am

KEYNOTE 1 On-Street Parking Management Part 1: Confront key choices


Come hear one of the leading research educators in the world outline the future of parking management.


Part 1:  Update yourself about the most crucial on-street municipal parking choices, both old and new. Time-tested fundamentals of on-street parking management will not be neglected but we will also focus on how the possibilities are exploding for parking data, price setting, fee collection, enforcement and for keeping key stakeholders happy. International and local examples will highlight that there is no reason your city cannot have effective parking management on any street that needs it.


Presented by : Paul Barter, Adjunct Associate Professor, LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore (NUS)

9:45 am - 10:45 am 

Parking & Transportation


Parking Policy is often viewed as a separate component of the broader transportation program in a city. It's clear that mobile payments and mobile platforms are on the rise, but how can cities combine payment initiatives to improve the downtown experience? Smart phones, smart cards, and the like work in some cities to pay all transportation fees, but can they work in yours?


Presented by :  Khristian J. Gutierrez, Chief Business Development Officer, Passport, Inc. and Ken Smith, Parking Director, City of Omaha, Nebraska

9:45 am - 10:45 am 

The Future of Parking


Technology is rapidly changing the ways we travel, and that is opening up an opportunity to redefine an element of our transportation system that has had massive effects on both travel behavior and the built environment – parking.


Traditionally, parking has been viewed as a supportive necessity to land use development, and zoning has codified efforts to accommodate of our society’s fascination with the private auto. But recent trends are beginning to change the tide. Auto dependency and per capita vehicle ownership have leveled off or have been decreasing, and communities have been more and more vocal about their desires for safer pedestrian conditions, more comprehensive bike networks, and better access to transit. The rise of ride-hailing services in the last five years and the imminent emergence of autonomous vehicles (which were just beginning to be used on city streets of mid-2016) promise even more fundamental changes in the way we think about motorized mobility.


So what does the future hold for auto parking in this new era of shared mobility and technological advancement? It is time to consider how we might better manage our current parking assets while planning for how parking will be reshaped, reformed, and re-purposed as our mobility choices continue to evolve. This session will provide an in-depth discussion of mobility trends (demographic and behavioral shifts), leading edge developments that are already incorporating progressive transportation demand management (TDM) solutions to both support and capitalize on the trends, the potential of emerging mobility and parking management technologies, the importance of curb management practices, and nascent ideas on how we might build parking facilities to adapt to changing times. Case studies, best practices, and emerging research will be presented in the session. Lastly, the session will hone in on the practicalities of how cities, operators, and technology providers must begin to prepare – starting today.


Presented by : Lauren Mattern, Senior Associate, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc. and Pete Costa, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc.

9:45 am - 10:45 am 

Big Data


This is the perfect place to collect data, but what should you do with it. How can current and past data help you in your planning for transportation and garage capacities. Do you need that new shuttle? How many spaces should you plan for five years from now. How can you use data to assist in enforcement, keep your customers happy, and do both at the same time?


Presented by :  Diego Torres-Palma and Wen Sang from Smarking and Mitch Osur from the City of Aspen

11:00 am - 12:00 pm 

Parking Guidance


Some say that a parking guidance system can increase the occupancy of your garage by up to 15% with better usage, quicker parking, happy customers.   This session will present an ROI case and share why Shopping Center, Airports, Hospitals and traditional garages are investing in to APGS more than ever before.


Presented by :  Vince Balsamo, Sales Director, Park Assist

11:00 am - 12:00 pm



Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is the new concept that is changing the way people think about mobility within Smart Cities. It is not about how we transfer people from their cars to public transport, but more about a user centric view that allows the better planning and management of all modes of transport in the city. A journey is no longer from A to B via a single mode, but can be considered as multiple single trips combined into one easy, pain-free journey across the Smart City.


Presented by : Andy Taylor, Director of Strategy, Cubic

11:00 am - 12:00 pm 

Mixed Use / Shared Risk:  Funding Parking in a Volatile Economy


Over the course of seven economically volatile years, a proposed mixed-use development in Towson, MD evolved through multiple configurations of commercial, restaurant and entertainment venues, all hinging on a 1,300-seat cinema.  With BCRA providing major funding for the development’s parking garage, the need for flexible, accurate revenue projections needed to evolve as well, while challenges in the form of changing political and economic landscapes had to be overcome.  Using examples and lessons-learned from this and other projects in which the presenters have teamed, attendees will learn how to prepare on-target parking financial projections during uncertain economic times, while learning what it takes to guide the interplay of public agencies, consultants, developers and elected officials to deliver a most successful mixed-use project.


Presented by : Ken Mills, Chief Executive, Baltimore County Revenue Authority (BCRA), Barbara Chance, Ph.D., President and CEO, CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. and Joe Sciulli, CAPP, VP and Senior Operations Consultant, CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. 

4:15 pm - 5:30 pm 

Speed Networking featuring a Wine and Beer Bar!

Come away from PIE with your Address Book filled with resources.  Here’s a chance to meet people who can help you with your parking problems. They are experts, they are vendors, and they are folks who simply have solved the same problem somewhere else. Spend an hour, meet 50 resources.


Hosted by : Marcy Sparrow, Parking Today



General EDUCATIONAL Sessions

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


8:30 am - 9:30 am


"Whoa!" "Wow!" "Hmmm..." "Yes!" a.k.a. How to Create "Gotta Buy It!"


You will leave:

    ?    Fully immersed in this formula

    ?    Not being able to forget it

    ?    Not being able to ignore it

    ?    Wanting to use it as soon as you get back to your companies

If you're not creating with your ads, "Whoa!" "Wow!" "Hmmm..." "Yes!" in your attention challenged customers and clients, you're creating, "Nah, never mind, pass."


In this keynote, Dr. Mark will share with you the 4 step formula that Steve Jobs unconsciously followed to create fanatical customers, who circled around every Apple Store the day a new product was released, thinking to themselves: "Gotta buy it!”


Presented by : Dr. Mark Goulston, author of seven books including the #1 best sellers and award winning books: REAL INFLUENCE: Persuade without Pushing and and "Just Listen" Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone, which became the top book on listening in the world.

9:45 am - 10:45 am

"Whoa!" "Wow!" "Hmmm..." "Yes!" - From Keynote to "Gonna Use It!" a.k.a. Where the rubber hits your road            


In this highly interactive workshop, Dr. Mark will lead you in applying the "Whoa!" "Wow!" "Hmmm..." "Yes!" to your marketing strategy. Furthermore, you'll have the chance to share how you have already applied it to when you came up for the idea for your company or a marketing campaign, but like Steve Jobs, didn't know you were using it. 


You will leave with a strategy for how to apply this to your marketing as soon as you return to your companies. And also,  if you're like John Van Horn, you will leave without being able to get it out of your head for the rest of your career.


Presented by : Dr. Mark Goulston, author of seven books including the #1 best sellers and award winning books: REAL INFLUENCE: Persuade without Pushing and and "Just Listen" Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone, which became the top book on listening in the world.

9:45 am - 10:45 am 

Big Info from Little Data


This will deal with the fact that “little data” can yield a lot of indicators to help people manage their programs much better.  Everyone is so fascinated with “big data” that they forget to look at what they have available right at their fingertips.  It’s a little like “after the alligators are up to your ass, you forget that the original goal was to drain the swamp”. 


Presented by :  Joseph Sciulli, CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. and Gary Means, Lexington Parking Authority 


9:45 am - 10:45 am

Market Launch Conundrum for Autonomous-‘Driverless’ Vehicles 


This session will review the ‘state of the technology’ of Autonomous-‘Driverless’ Vehicles/ADV from the parking industry’s perspective.  This overview evaluates ADV technology based on expert opinion and provides a basic framework for analysis of the issue going forward.  Particular emphasis is placed on details of how and why ADV is expected to work versus the reality of today’s market place. 


A principal question, beyond the status of the emerging Federal regulatory framework, will be addressed: To what extent positive externalities created by ADV technologies in terms of life-saving potential will create a market failure for the system?


Presented by :  Dale Denda, Director of Research, Parking Market Research Company


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

It’s Not Your Father’s Campus Anymore -- or Your Mother’s, Either!


The parking environment is changing on campuses across the country, and different technologies are making an entry at a time when colleges and universities are confronting changing demographics, increased competition, and diminished funding.  Gone are the days when everyone could get a permit, student vehicles were welcome, and there was plenty of land for inexpensive surface lots.  This 60-minute seminar starts with an exploration of the past and present in terms of campus parking technology.  And it invites you to ask today’s parking equipment and system providers what they see as the hurdles, benefits and likely effects of existing and future parking tech at universities.


Presenter : Barbara Chance, PhD, CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. and Joseph Sciulli, CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc.


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Do you want to convert your Hospital to pay for parking?


Hospitals are now competing with each other. How they are seen by patients and doctors affect their bottom line. These two experts discuss many of the issues relating to converting to pay (often to protect the parking asset) and to providing high end service to your visitors, patients and staff.


Presented by :  Roxanna Bryant, MPH, LEED AP, CHFM - Executive Director of Corporate Facility Services | Real Estate Facilities Construction & Operations (REFCO) Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian and Robert Milner, MS, CAPP, University of Maryland - Baltimore


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Outside Auditor


Is it to my advantage to have an outside auditor? I’m an operator, I have internal auditing to ensure my staff is on the ball. Should I have an outsider come in and audit the books? Some think yes. Find out why and how you can profit from it. 


Presenter : Clyde Wilson, Flow Thru Technologies, The Parking Network and Dennis Cunning, DLC Consulting


4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Software Security – EMV and the rest –  


Where are we now? Is pay by cell secure? Are credit cards the solution of future payment or are they the bane of humanity. Can your PARCS system truly be secure, particularly if it’s in a cloud?


Presented by :  Kevin Uhlenhaker, President Nupark


4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Providing real time parking information for your shopping center customers – there’s an APP for that.  


You have a large free parking area surrounding a shopping center or business complex. How do you let your customers know where to park.  And let them know where they left their car. This presentation is how one owner developed their own system to communicate with their customers. 


Presented by :  Jan Shulte, Cleverciti, Stephanie Brager, SVP, General Growth Properties, Justin Edwards, Manager, National Operations, and Alex Israel, Parkme/INRIX


4:15 pm - 5:15 pm
IoT, Dynamic Pricing… and Robots?  What is about to Happen @myGarage

You’re not alone if you’re not sure what to make out of today’s buzz words and “new” technology.  After all, unless it results in something tangible in the bank for your client/garage, is there any value to all the pomp and circumstance?    Not really sure what mobility, connectivity and cloud are, how you achieve them and most importantly why should you even care?....  This session is for you.  Join the industry’s foremost experts in a discussion and Q&A as we put them on the hot-seat to will break it all down to an understandable level on what’s important, what to watch for and how it will impact your ability to have sustainable profits.    Because if you are spending money to be “current,” there better be a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.

Presented and Moderated by :  Harlan Karp, Co-Founder, Parkonect, Andy Preas, Mike Drow, Parking Consultant and Morgan Fixel, Sidewalk Labs




Wednesday, March 8, 2017


8:30 am - 9:30 am

KEYNOTE 2 On-Street Parking Management Part 2: Open wider opportunities


Part 2:  Success with on-street parking management dovetails with numerous other municipal goals and on-street parking failure gets in the way of much more than just parking success. This session connects the dots between on-street parking, the room to maneuver on off-street parking issues and wider municipal policy opportunities. It will argue for a set of “Adaptive” municipal parking strategies (grounded in strong on-street parking management) that help boost a wide range of potential local policy objectives beyond parking, including business district development, traffic management, residential amenity, walkability, housing affordability, and many more.


Presented by : Paul Barter, Adjunct Associate Professor, LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore (NUS)

9:30 am - 10:30 am

Do I have to be a computer expert, or hire one?


Yes. But how do you go about the process.  Join this session and you will walk away more comfortable and knowledgeable.  You may not be an expert, but you will know the questions to ask, and what the right answers are.


Presented by :  Tom Wunk, Vice President, PARCS Strategy and Sales, T2 Systems, Inc.


9:30 am - 10:30 am

Parking Apps and Connected Cars 


They are the rage. They are in the headlines. What has been the experience from cities and operators that have signed up. This seminar will lay bare the technology, and tell you just how they work and why they succeed, and fail. Connected and autonomous cars are not coming, they are here. Will they help or hinder your parking operations?


Presented by :  Alex Israel, General Manager & Vice President of Parking, INRIX, Eugene Tsyrklevich, Parkopedia, Mark Lawrence, SpotHero


9:30 am - 10:30 am 

Revenue Control Technology


Do you need a ticket dispenser at the entry lane? – Do you even need a gate?  Is license plate recognition good enough to allow you to run without tickets? What about Magnetic Stripe vs bar code? Who has the answer? This seminar talks about pay in lane with credit card, pay on foot, pay by phone number, loyalty programs, and the rest.


Presented by :  Clyde Wilson, Flow Thru Technologies, The Parking Network


10:45 am - 11:45 am



You can cut your lighting costs in half, but you need to know what to do and how to do it. LED lighting is here, in a big way. Listen to a hospital, a campus and a vendor talk about lighting and the issues in its purchase. Its not as easy as flipping a switch. 


Presented by :  Jeff Pinyot, ECO Lighting


10:45 am - 11:45 am

Searching for IT Employees  


Face it – all the technology that is being tossed at parking can be daunting, particularly for a manager who came up through the ranks. What is the solution – Training? Replacement? Or having resources on your staff to help when its needed.


Presented by :  Colleen Niese, The Marlyn Group


10:45 am - 11:45 am

On-Street Technology


Replacing meters? Have just installed Multi Space Meters? Aren’t Happy? This seminar will tell you the facts about the differing technologies, single space vs multi space, in street sensors to reset, differing purchase programs – cities will discuss their experiences and vendors will answer questions.


Presented by : Julie Dixon, Principal Consultant, Dixon Resources Unlimited and Richie Waldron, Consultant, Dixon Resources Unlimited


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The Golden Age of Parking: Welcome to the World of The Internet of Things


The advent of the Internet of Things is progressively reshaping our everyday landscape to the extent that points of failure in parking systems can now be almost entirely eradicated. Moving away from human interactions involving visual cues and transcription in favor of Machine to Machine communication (M2M) has raised the bar on performance in parking. Further, M2M engenders true real-time responsiveness. In this presentation, attendees will be given an opportunity to consider the implications of the move of Parking Rights data to the Cloud and learn about how web-based applications work behind the scenes to create a network infrastructure of intelligent devices. The audience will also be encouraged to engage in dialogue on hotbed topics around security and reliability. In addition, attendees will learn about new cloud-driven technologies that are accelerating a move towards the Internet of Things.


Presented by :  Sergio Mastronardi, Co-founder and Chief technology officer at gtechna and Philip True Savino, Chief Technology Officer for The Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Enforcement and Permit Districts


All the policy on the planet is useless if you don’t have a competent enforcement operation. Should you outsource, should you run it yourself. Both answers may be yes. Listen to those who did both and decide. Plus, hear what the companies you could hire have to say. Make an informed decision. 


Presented by : Julie Dixon, Principal Consultant, Dixon Resources Unlimited


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Social Media and Parking


It’s the latest buzz word, but its important. Whether its Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, or one of the rest, communicating with your customers and employees through the ‘net is not going to go away. Parking Today’s columnist and expert Kathleen Laney along with Dr. Bob Harkins delve into the reaches of social media and how you can use it to your advantage.


Presented by :  Kathleen Laney, Laney Solutions and Dr. Gerald R (Bob) Harkins, EDD, University of Texas - Austin

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