Parking Industry Exhibition - The Parking Event for 2018

Parking Industry Exhibition 2018 Seminar Sessions

PIE 2018 Seminar Program Under Development!

The Parking Industry Exhibition 2018 continues our cutting edge seminars and events focusing on the latest developments in the parking industry.  This year’s event brings us back to our traditional home base at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL.

Keynote and Educational Sessions

Day One -- Two keynoters will discuss the future – Is the industry history, or simply changing – You listen, you decide.

Day Two -- Focus on Technology – New and improved parking technologies are being developed every day – Do you know what’s coming next?

Day Three -- Smart Parking in Smart Cities – Two keynoters discuss “Smart Parking” and how it will integrate into that buzzword we hear daily, “Smart Cities.” Just how can you get a seat at the ”Smart City” table. Is it time to lead or follow.

Parking Industry Exhibition 2018 Seminar Tracks

2018 Brings a new focus to our seminars. There will be general sessions of interest to all attendees, plus specialized tracks designed to inform specific industry sectors.

Municipalities – Yes, we can (and will) discuss citation management and on street fee collection, but we will also feature new technology, apps which reserve and allow on line payment, plus a feature on how to move from on-street “free” to on-street “Pay” without causing riots and other problems.

University and Hospital Campus Parking – University Parking Managers have unique problems and face daily issues related to student, staff, and visitor parking. These sessions are tailored to fit those concerns and bring clarity to a difficult segment of our industry.

Airports – PIE 2018 takes off with sessions on airport parking. It’s a big number at our nation’s airports, but its under attack from Uber and Lyft. What can be done about these pesky competitors, plus what technology is there to take airport parking to the next level.

Shopping Center and Business Park parking – This track takes you to up-market valet operations, parking guidance, and way-finding design. Parking Loyalty programs, reservation apps, and revenue collection technology can make or break your operation.

Commercial Parking Operators – As the list of confirmed speakers expands, you will be treated to the brightest and the best to help you rethink and survive the upheavals that are coming. The goal isn’t to simply survive, its to excel.

Thursday at PIE 2018

Smart Parking / Smart Cities Symposium

A day of seminars focused like a laser beam on this most popular topic. Invitations have gone out to Managers of Smart City Programs, Parking operations that have successfully navigated the Smart Parking/Smart City divide, technology providers, and even those who feel that “Smart City” is a buzz word not worthy of our attention. These sessions will leave you better prepared for what’s coming. Whether you are a Municipality, University, Airport, Commercial Operator or a Developer, this day is for you.

The Parking Industry Exhibition reaches out to dozens of experts in all areas of the Parking World. These are consultants, vendors, senior parking managers in cities and universities as well as parking operators and parking facility developers. We asked them to participate, we did not simply put out a “call for papers.” It’s much more difficult to develop a program this way, but it means that you will receive the best information from the finest sources available.

Don’t miss out on this year's outstanding educational seminars in Rosemont at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare.


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