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Attend the One Day Smart Parking/Smart Cities Symposium

The Smart Parking / Smart Cities Symposium will bring Keynote Speaker Akshay Pottathil, Co-Director of the Center for Information Convergence and Strategy at San Diego State University (SDSU) to the podium. “I look at autonomous vehicles differently. To me, an autonomous vehicle is one I can hack into, take over, and crash, drive or park – in the middle of the freeway,” he said.

Presentations will include:

Smart Parking and Smart Cities in Las Vegas

Parking Services Manager Brandy Stanley and Information Technology Director Michael Sherwood discuss how Las Vegas is actively pursuing Smart City technologies to make life better for its citizens through its Smart Cities Innovation District program. Parking and transportation are important pieces of this initiative – learn how parking got a seat at the table and how they are teaming up to make Las Vegas a better place to live.

How Smart Cities are Using Intelligent Streetlights to Enable Smart Parking and More

Cities around the world are striving to become smarter, and intelligent streetlights are one piece of infrastructure that can be leveraged to improve civic outcomes including public safety, public health, traffic management, and parking.  In fact, Smart Parking was one of the first applications rolled out in San Diego and Atlanta when those Smart Cities installed GE’s CityIQ Nodes.

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Their Impact on Parking

This session will feature a panel discussion that focuses on parking and the autonomous/connected car. In the years since the parking industry emerged, advances in parking management practices and technology have grown slowly, but steadily. Today, with the rapid spread of connected vehicles on the road and autonomous vehicles on the horizon, changes in the parking industry will be fast paced and disruptive. Presented by INRIX.

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