Detailed Seminar Schedule

Detailed Seminar Schedule

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Tuesday, March 28th

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9:00 AM
Why Not a World Parking Forum

Panelists - George Baker, Sr., ParkHub; Sarah Blouch, CampusParc; Luca Bovalino, HUB Parking Technology USA Inc.; Ted Graff, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency - SFMTA: Rajiv Jain, ParkEngage, Inc.; Jordan Justus, Automotus; Benoit Reliquet, Flowbird North America; and Brian Wolff, Parker Technology LLC

Why not a World Parking Forum - CEOs from around the world talk about parking, where it is and where they think their organizations are going. These people have been in the business and know what they are talking about. They will not fly in on their private jets, but they will bring insight into their business, and yours. 

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10:00 AM
Actually it’s Park Tank
Hosted by Julie Dixon, Dixon Resources Unlimited

Actually it’s Park Tank – Participants bring their ideas and have them supported or shot down by experts. 

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11:00 AM
90 min
Starting the Leap to EV Charging
Speakers - Melissa Almaguer, City of Fresno; Adam Gubser, San Francisco International Airport; John Hammerschlag, Hammerschlag & Co, Inc.; Ken Husting, City of Los Angeles; Tim Maloney, Flash; Hans-Hendrik Puvogel, Parkopedia; Geneieve Row, City of Beverly Hills; Paul Young, JuiceBar

Starting the Leap to EV Charging - Five professionals start the seminar by telling their trials and tribulations in purchasing and running EV Chargers. An airport, three cities, and a developer tell all. These five professionals tell you their tales and give you pertinent questions to ask before you leap into EV charging. This is a huge commitment – in funding, time, and public relations. Be sure you are making the right decision and asking the right questions.
EV charger suppliers respond. Keep them honest. You ask the questions and get their perspective on the connected car, EV’s and Charging infrastructure. This hour and a half will prepare you with questions to ask, and a few answers, too.

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1:15 PM
Ethical Leadership: Doing What’s Right, Not What’s Easy
Speaker - Cindy Campbell, International Parking & Mobility Institute

Ethical Leadership: Doing What’s Right, Not What’s Easy - When leadership is done right, the leader is a role model – someone who communicates the importance of ethical standards and holds their team accountable to those standards. Done poorly, leadership can negatively impact the productivity and well-being of individual team members and be detrimental to the reputation and success of the entire organization.

Anyone can be promoted into a management role, but how do we develop the skill-sets necessary to be an ethical leader? This session will define the concepts and characteristics behind ethical leadership, why it matters, and offer practical ideas to help ensure your success.

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Wednesday, March 29th

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8:00 AM
A Panel of Seniors
Panelists - Barbara Chance, CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc.; Peter Guest; John Hammerschlag, Hammerschlag & Co., Inc.; Mike Simmons, TEZ Technology; John Van Horn, Parking Today Media; and Clyde Wilson, The Parking Network, Inc.

A Panel of Seniors - These folks have seen it all and are willing to tell all about it. This was the best attended seminar two years ago in Dallas, and there is a good reason for that. These seniors are full of energy and bring harmony and fun to the discussion. Come, Learn, and laugh. Parking can be funny. A panel of Oldsters

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8:00 AM
The Never-Ending Digitization of Parking
Speaker - George Baker, Sr., ParkHub

The Never-Ending Digitization of Parking - In this talk, George Baker plans to walk attendees through the digital history of parking, from his time entering the industry as the third generation of his family to be involved in the parking arena, all the way to the future he sees from converging technologies and behaviors with regards to mobility. 

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8:00 AM
Are you developing an RFP?
Speaker - John Oglesby, Parking Whisperer

Are you developing?an RFP? - The High cost of Low Bid! Find the best value?every time!
Let’s face it, when you are ready to buy, you must know what to do. This presentation will bring the audience into the?production,?providing?the tools to recognize?the?true?value proposition?from each bidder?as they move through the Request for Proposal (RFP).

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9:00 AM
One is brand new; Another has been around
Speakers - Jordan Justus and Roamy Valera from Automotus

One is brand new; Another has been around - Let these two tell their story, not about their product or service, but about their lives and how they see continued growth in the Parking Industry. One is new, the other has been around. Take away some experience and some new ideas from this seminar. New and Old together.

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9:00 AM
The Numbers
Speaker - Dale Denda, Parking Market Research Company

The Numbers - PIE’s resident researcher brings perspective to our industry. This year he reviews the numbers on EVs charging, putting fact in the place of fiction, and tell us where we really are. See Dale. You will be glad you did. 

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9:00 AM


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10:00 AM
LPR and the Airports and Beyond
Speakers - Laura Caillot and Albert Gorriz, Survision

Julie Dixon, Dixon Resources Unlimited

LPR at the Airports and Beyond - The role of LPR in Parking has drastically changed in the past few years. From being just a nice accessory, it becomes the unique vehicle identifier for ticket-less/gate-less parking. 

Various LPR case studies, from Mobile License Plate Inventory for airports to a complete Free-flow gate-less solution to avoid queuing at huge entertainment sites like LEGOLAND. 

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10:00 AM
Pedal to the Metal - 
Perspectives from Professionals Accelerating the Industry
Speakers - Sarah Becherer and Ethan Glass from Ocra and Josh Douglas from Douglas Parking

Pedal to the Metal - Perspectives from Professionals Accelerating the Industry
Sarah Becherer Moderates: Join Ethan Glass, CEO of Ocra, Josh Douglas, Strategy and Operations at Douglas Parking, and other parking luminaries for a lively panel of storytelling and strategy.
Our panelists will share their formative experiences with the parking industry and what most energizes them about its future. They'll also tackle big strategic topics like measuring success, identifying growth opportunities, and adding value as the industry continues to undergo massive transformation.
This is an interactive panel for which the audience will prioritize the topics addressed so that you can leave with valuable insights and inspiring stories.
10:00 PM
Taking care of your facilities
Speaker - Mario Baggio and Peter Kesser from Alchemco

Taking care of your facilities - As parking garages and parking lots and thus, increasing safety: How to protect and maintain the structure of your parking decks.

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11:00 AM
Startups are flooding the parking space
Panelists - Mathew Magno, Japa, Inc.; James Gibbs, Meter Feeder, Inc.; and Mark Frumar, Spot Parking

Startups are flooding the parking space - Are they simply there to activate their exit strategy, or do they bring new vigor to an aging industry. Let these panelists tell you what they bring to our party. You can be the judge. A panel of Startups..

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11:00 AM
The Payments Panel

Speakers - Peter Alcock, NMI; Dan Cambridge, NMI; Patricia Heit, Current Components; and Tyson Oulette, First Nationwide Payments

The Payments Panel – Experts pose questions, then they answer them, then they hear yours, and answer them, too. An explanation of the?elements?of card payments and the difference between self-service, retail card-present and mobile acceptance. Demystifying the?types?of payments - EMV contact and contact-less, PIN debit, MSD, magstripe. The role of a gateway and the options for getting merchant facilities - bringing in ISOs, PayFacs etc. Card readers and other devices - the differences and options and what integration means. As a public or private parking operator, some questions you should ask your vendors to ensure you are getting the best deal.

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11:00 AM
MythBusters: Debunking the Parking Industry’s Biggest Myths
Speakers - Julie Dixon, Ben Verdugo and Allison von Ebers, Dixon Resources Unlimited

MythBusters: Debunking the Parking Industry’s Biggest Myths - “Just build more parking!”, “Paid parking will hurt local businesses!” “People will stop visiting downtown if they need to pay!”. In the parking industry, we hear myths from constituents every day about how the new parking management program will affect their city or town. As parking experts, we need to be prepared to effectively debunk the industry’s biggest myths. This presentation’s panel of experts will use a variety of case studies to break down the myths heard at the beginning of a proposed parking study and expose the truth behind the industry’s biggest myths. In this session, we will challenge the audience to think of ways to effectively communicate to the public that the beliefs they hold about parking may not always be reality. This session will prepare you to get ahead of parking myths and send a clear message about parking management strategies. It can be difficult to break through long-held beliefs in a community regarding parking, but this session will equip you with the leadership skills necessary to effectively challenge myths that communities may hold.

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Thursday, March 30th

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8:00 AM
Cities, Large and Small
Speakers - Jonathon Haney from The Allentown Parking Authority, Melissa Morgan, T2Systems, Inc.; Levi Rinkoff, Wise-Sight, Inc.; Maria Tamayo-Soto, City of Las Vegas, NV; and Mark Vergenes, Mirus Consultants LLC

Cities, Large and Small -” Tales from the Parking Battlefield”
Join Jonathon Haney from The Allentown Parking Authority, Mark Vergenes, Mirus Consultants LLC, Maria Tamayo-Soto, City of Las Vegas, NV, Levi Rinkoff, Wise-Sight, Inc. and Melissa Morgan, T2 Systems, Inc., as they bring their lifetime and parking cars in medium sized cities to bear on just how to navigate the issues laws and politics to make your department a smooth-running organization and ensure that your customers are happy and your PEO's respected.

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8:00 AM
Security is an issue - Our PR is suffering

Speakers - Bob Harkins, Harkins Consultants and Brandy Stanley, FLASH

Security is an issue – Our PR is suffering. Bob Harkins and Brandy Stanley are heading this seminar to describe the problem and then give you some answers as to how to make your facility and your customers more secure in a difficult world.

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9:15 AM
90 min
What we don’t know Universities Need

Panelist - Ross Allanson, CAPP, CPP, University of Minnesota

What we don’t know Universities Need - A panel session featuring university transportation experts.   During this interactive session, the experts will share their stories and answer questions from attendees.

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