Parking Symposium

Smart Parking and the Parking Experience Symposium

Parking Symposium –
How do we Work within its framework while meeting our Customer’s Parking Needs 


In past years, the Parking Industry Exhibition has ended with a symposium that featured technology both in use today and what we will see in the future. Speaker after speaker spoke about how Silicon Valley was bringing parking into the 21st century and how its tech would make our lives better in the future.  

This year we are turning the symposium on its head and focusing on how technology can be used, along with excellent customer service and enhanced customer experience to make parking more attractive to the parkers.  

Can technology alone give the parkers a positive experience, or do we need to blend it with smart people on our parking sites to fill our garages with happy parkers.  

Traditional goals of technology has been to remove staff from our garages and streets. This half day symposium will explore whether this cost saving activity is truly a benefit to us, or whether it has spurred the Uber/Lyft phenomenon and driven people away from parking and into our competitors. 

Check back as speakers are added for more information on this most critical discussion.  

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