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Speaker Registration


More on the cancellation of PIE 2020

March 9, 2020

We found ourselves in a situation that was untenable. We don’t believe for a minute that the Corona virus is a threat on the scale that it is depicted in the media. However, our beliefs are not in play here.

It’s the organizations that control the attendance (both exhibitor and attendee) at PIE that make the decisions. Company after company are restricting travel thus preventing both exhibitors and attendees from traveling to San Diego. What this means is that instead of a strong vibrant event, we would have less than half of the event we planned. Speakers have been dropping out meaning many of the seminars you were coming to see would have been canceled.

The San Diego Health Department has said that its “OK” to proceed with exhibitions such as ours, however if the Virus appears in the county, they will have to step in and Cancel the events. Two cases appeared over the weekend. Other cities in California are forcing events to cancel. There is no reason to believe that San Diego won’t follow suit. We felt it preferable to give you some notice and at least give you time to adjust your travel plans and minimize your financial exposure.

Parking Today Media is working through an analysis of the financial impact to the Organization. Once that is complete, the Board of Directors will determine the amount and form of refunds. Expect more information to follow in late April.

We have been overwhelmed with messages of support and we appreciate it. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to make this cancellation as fair and equitable as possible to all concerned.

This is a difficult time for all of us. It will pass. I look forward to seeing you all in Chicago at PIE 2021

John Van Horn
Editor and Publisher
Parking Today Media


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