Attendee Visas & Letters of Invitation

Attendee Visas & Letters of Invitation

Visas and Travel Restrictions

If you have questions about visas and other travel restrictions, check with your local U.S. consulate or visit these helpful websites:

Tips When Applying for Your Visa

  • Review the U.S. Department of State Web site.
  • Apply for your visa at least 90 days prior to your departure date.
  • Obtain a Letter of Invitation from the Parking Industry Expo – PIE (see directions below).
  • Check your passport expiration date to make sure it will be valid for at least six more months.
  • If you already have a visa, check the expiration date to make sure it will not expire before your trip is completed.

Attendee International Visa Letter of Invitation

Once you have registered for the Parking Industry Expo (PIE), it may be helpful to have an invitation, from the Parking Industry Expo, to obtain your visa. Upon approval and payment of your registration, please follow the directions below to request the letter. If you are unable to obtain a visa we will issue a full refund of your registration, without charging the cancellation fee.
  • Register to attend PIE online
  • Once your registration has been approved and your payment has been processed, send an email to with the following details:
    • Full Name of Attendee
    • Full Name as it appears on Passport
    • Country of Origin
  • Your Letter will be emailed back to the requester within 24 hours

Please Note

  • You must be registered and paid in full to request a Letter of Invitation.
  • Complete one request for each person requiring a Letter of Invitation.
  • Only requests submitted via email will be processed.
  • Obtaining a Letter of Invitation from the Parking Industry Expo will not guarantee that you will be approved for a visa. The letter is merely supplementary information that explains a visa applicant's intended purpose for travel. U.S. Embassy officers look at the totality of an applicant's personal situation in determining visa eligibility.


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