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Welcome to PIE 2021

The Parking Experience Collaboration is featured at PIE 2021
The Next 25 Years

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PIE 2021 will lead us into the new decade with a focus on the Parking Experience and how Collaboration will make it better for the industry and its customers.

Our Seminars are a bit different this year – Coming off the Pandemic, the industry needs all the information it can get. 

We have reached out to experts in our industry. You may be a bit surprised to find that we reached out to YOU for a call for speakers. You are the experts. You bring knowledge to share. You are the ones on the front lines and know the problems and solutions.  

Yes, we have seminars on emerging technology, and what is going on with TNCs, self-driving cars, and garage construction. Yes, we have expert speakers on topics that fill your needs.  

BUT – we also have seminars designed around you, the attendee. Come to a session and find yourself on a panel of experts – well why not. No preparation needed. You have spent a lifetime preparing. Tell your story, interact with the audience, bring new ideas. A leader will guide your group through the discussion. Not up for prime time, sit back in the audience and listen. Who knows, something may come to mind and you too will feel it’s time to participate.  

Check the Schedule at a Glance to see what we have so far

As always, PIE seminars will not conflict with trade show hours. You will have the opportunity to meet potential customers and present your wares and services. Our networking events are places where you meet attendees in relaxed sessions. Every day, more networking – Coffee in the morning, Breaks at midday, and cocktails in the evening. You skip those events at your peril. 

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