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Parking Today Awards

On Tuesday, March 24 Parking Today will be hosting an Awards Breakfast acknowledging the outstanding contributions in the parking industry. This is a totally dedicated event to recognize the contributions of individuals, teams, and organizations working within the industry. This event will be held in conjunction with the Parking Industry Exhibition 2020 in San Diego. 
The Award categories are:


Excellence in Technology and Innovation 

Sponsored by


FlexePark LLC
Palomar College Police Department
EcoParking Technologies
The City of Guelph/Market Parkade


Excellence in Technology and Innovation 

Sponsored by
EcoParking Technologies
ECO Parking Tech

City of El Paso- Park 915
City of Paso Robles: (Collaboration: City of Paso Robles Police Department with Flowbird, Vigilant, IPS Group & DIXON)
Philadelphia Parking Authority



Sponsored by
Parking Today

Parking Today Media

City of Las Vegas Parking Services
Easton Town Center / Steiner + Associates
Parker Technology

Sponsored by
Smith Phillips Strategic Communications

Smith Phillips

City of El Paso- Park 915
Philadelphia Parking Authority

Sponsored by

To be announced at the
Awards Breakfast


Parking Organization of the Year

Sponsored by Parker Technology

City of Las Vegas Parking Services
Philadelphia Parking Authority

Sponsored by


City of Las Vegas Parking Services - Symphony Park Garages
Jamestown / Ponce City Market
Morgan-Rigsbee Parking Garage - The City of Durham
Watry Design, Inc. - UC San Diego Osler Parking Structure & Visitor's Center



The process is completely online from the application to the submission as well as the reviewing/assessment of the applications by our team of Judges.

  • Entry deadline: January 31, 2020
  • Entry to the competition is free, however a representative of the company or companies listed in the application must be registered to attend the entire PIE 2020 event. 
  • The Parking Today Media’s Parking Today Awards applications are judged by a panel of leading experts drawn from across the parking, consultancy and related fields.
  • Each entry is read by at least three panel members prior to short listing
  • The panel reserves the right to consider repositioning entries across categories.
  • Once entries are considered, follow-up questions and, where necessary, visits may be conducted.
  • The full list of judges will be published ahead of the awards ceremony.
  • Judges are asked to avoid potential conflicts of interest when assessing or debating entries.
  • The jury’s decisions remain anonymous, but summaries are made available to entrants who ask after the event.
  • The jury’s decision is final.
  • Submitting an entry acknowledges that edited versions of entries will be published in Parking Today magazine and its related websites leading up to the awards. Extended versions of winning entries will be published in Parking Today magazine and on after the ceremony. If you include commercially sensitive material in an entry, please indicate.

Further information to discuss the categories, criteria and submitting your entry, contact: John Van Horn; Parking Industry Expo at




  • Each entry will be judged in the defined category using the criteria listed and assigning the points allocated. Parking Today Media reserves the right to re-categorize entries if deemed appropriate.
  • The entries will be sorted by category entered and classification. Each category will be assigned to a panel of judges who will assess the entries independently. The Judges will make their assessment online and scores will be averaged for a final score out of 100 points.
  • To reach finalist stage a minimum score of 70 will need to be achieved. The top scoring entries in each category will determine the winning recipient of that award. In the case of tied scores, both entries would receive the same level award.
  • Each Judge is encouraged to not only score but provide written feedback so that this can be presented to the nominee’s post awards. Judges details will not be revealed unless the particular judge requests this.
  • The Chair of Judges has the right to assign a submission to another category if they believe this is appropriate to do so.

Click here to submit your nomination 

If you find any issue with the forms or requirements for entry, please send your entry as a word document (you may include any PDFs or pictures you like)  – place whatever information you feel should be considered to 

Using this format will not decrease your changes of winning in any way. Be sure to include the name of the person sending in the entry and the company from which it came.

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