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PIE Boot Camp

Parking Management Boot camp “Corn-Dog Style”

(A former COO’s prospective on establishing a successful management strategy, raising customer service satisfaction, and creation of an enjoyable workplace in the world of Parking)

Chad A. Gamble, PE

It’s not like any “Boot Camp” you ever heard of…

Some of the topics to be covered:

  1. Remember. . .as a manager . . you are in a position TO SERVE. . not to BE SERVED.
  2. The power of an “all liars meeting”
  3. How to handle conflict amongst employees (lay specific ground rules, speak encouraging words and confidence that they can change and pray that they don’t fire themselves)
  4. How to appear serene in a world of chaos
  5. What do if, God forbid, I have to talk to the media?!
  6. How to set the bar for the Jones’s (how to stop managing for “really good” and start reaching for “excellence”)

This three hour session is not limited to ‘newbies’ but is designed for everyone who wants to take a fresh look at parking and the management of a parking organization. Join Chad A. Gamble, PE, as he extols the virtues that made him a successful parking manager in the City of Lansing, MI. To quote:

“I plan on using my wealth of experience, comfort in working in a world of chaos, and strong morals to provide a Project Management boot camp of sorts. You also can’t forget the “corn-dog” approach in the world of public service. If you can’t smile and look at life for what is, then you will not be successful at anything. “

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