PIE 2020 Seminar Schedule Wednesday
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PIE 2020 Seminar Schedule Wednesday

Parking Industry Expo

Seminars, Trade Show, and Smart Parking Symposium

Wednesday, March 25th




8:00 AM - 1:30 PM


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Smart Parking and the Parking Experience Symposium

Ballroom 20CD



How do we Work within Smart Parking’s framework while meeting our Customer’s Parking Needs?

This year we are turning the symposium on its head and focusing on how technology can be used, along with excellent customer service and enhanced customer experience to make parking more attractive to the parkers.

Sponsored by Ace Parking, the symposium will focus on whether technology alone can give the parkers a positive experience, or do we need to blend it with smart people on our parking sites to fill our garages with happy parkers.

Traditional goals of technology have been to remove staff from our garages and streets. This half day symposium will explore whether this cost saving activity is truly a benefit to us, or whether it has spurred the Uber/Lyft phenomenon and driven people away from parking and into our competitors.

  • Ace Parking’s Keith Jones will moderate the session and give his vision of the collaboration needed between Smart Parking Technology and the customers, be they on or off street, government or private sector.
  • Roamy Valera, CEO of Pay by Phone will follow with the necessity of humanizing technology to fit the needs of the user, both the actual parker and the parking supplier.
  • Jason Schulz with Verizon Smart Communities will address the changes that take place in cities and the need for accurate data to properly measure parking’s most critical metric, occupancy. Various technologies will be evaluated. Citizens and visitors can struggle to find parking while Parking Managers are not sure if they are pricing and allocating parking efficiently. We will also review new and emerging technologies as we usher in the 4th industrial revolution.
  • Akshay Pottathil, (President) Intelligence Research Institute (IRI), will discuss the “Internet of Threats (IoT) now on 5G” and the future of Transportation/Parking Industry. He has challenged the domain and inspired companies to strategically grow over the past decade, bringing the necessity of integrated and anonymized security for a wide array of technology from connected vehicles to optimized pricing structures or the future vehicle ownership and fleet management challenges.
The seminar will conclude with the speakers sitting on a panel and answering questions and entering into discussion with the attendees.

Sponsored by Ace Parking

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