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Parking Today Magazine is the flagship of Parking Today Media. With two decades of service to the parking industry, the monthly publication brings parking news and features to more than 15,000 readers by direct mail and to over 10,000 monthly through the Parking Today and web sites.

Monthly editorial features include Editor John Van Horn’s column, Point of View, Melissa Sterzick’s Amateur Parker, and Peter Guest’s piece on parking in the UK and Europe. Also featured is the parking marketplace, the most current and extensive parking event calendar, two pages of current parking news, and Periodic articles on auditing and operations.

Each issue of PT has a dozen articles covering the parking gamut from design, construction, technology, parking events, outstanding parking operations, and personalities.

Annually Parking Today publishes its People and Products in Parking Directory, listing more than 10,000 parking pros and their contact information. It has become the “go to” book for finding information about the industry, its organizations, and vendors.

PT is on line and each issue can be read at the website a good three weeks before it is delivered by mail. is our parking news on line aggregator. Each day we post 20 or more stories from all points of the compass that deal with parking. Whether it is news about new parking rates in a given city, new technology that makes headlines, companies that have new employees or installations, or new approaches or techniques, puts the information up fast. 

We are first in information for the parking industry. If you want to find out what’s happening in parking, and don’t want to wait a month, is the place to go.

 “Wow!  I love it. We used Google and we get a lot of info we don’t need. ParkNews has the specific news about parking our company needs.”

“Thanks for adjusting the format.  The green links tell me what is new every day. ParkNews is great!”

“Love the format. It’s clean, easy to read, and up to date. Keep the parking news links coming.”

“I Love TRENDING, it lets me focus on what’s important in my industry.” 

Parking Industry Expo (PIE)
PIE Logo
The Parking Industry Expo is parking’s premier trade event. With more than 1,000 parking pros in attendance and over 100 vendors make PIE the fastest growing event in the industry.

In 2023, the exhibition will be in Schaumburg, IL at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel

The event brings the industry’s leading speakers together for the most current seminars on operations, technology, revenue control, and personnel management. 

PIE is known for its networking events and ‘speed networking’ was no exception. Attendees face off across a table to quickly exchange contact information and begin discussion on needs and solutions. These were followed up later on the exhibit hall floor.

The Parking Industry Expo stresses quality seminars, excellent exhibits, and fantastic networking. See you in Schaumburg!

 “It was the best networking event evah” noted one exhibitor.  

“We could talk, have some fun, and there wasn’t music blasting everywhere you had to scream over. PIE folks know how to put on an event.

Social Media

Parking Today Media has two twitter accounts.  Editor John Van Horn holds forth at @jvhpt and we all tweet on @parkingtoday. Join the nearly 1000 followers on these two accounts to keep instantly aware of the lighter side of parking – personalities, fun, and maybe a bit of gossip. There is hard news there, too. Twitter is now. Jump on Twitter now, but beware, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Facebook takes a more mellow approach to the social media scene. It can be easy or complex – and lots of good information is found here too. We post daily, link to stories and others on Facebook. Check it out. You will “Like” us on Facebook.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures. If it’s parking and it has a picture it’s on our Instagram account. You can get to PT on Instagram from any of our web sites or go to and key in @parkingtoday. There are hundreds of pictures. Are you in any of them?

This is the business side of social media. We are here and blog and interact in the dozen or so parking group you will find. Join the more than 3200 parking pros who are members of Parking Today’s discussion group and check out the latest in technology, operations, and new ideas. 

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PT Editorial:  John Van Horn   Ext 2

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Parking Today Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bricepac, Inc.

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