Parking Org of the Year

Parking Organization of the Year

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If you find any issue with the forms or requirements for entry, please send your entry as a word document (you may include any PDFs or pictures you like)  – attach whatever information you feel should be considered and email all documents to and

Using this format will not decrease your chances of winning in any way. Be sure to include the name of the person sending in the entry and the company from which it came.

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This award will be given on the basis of the overall information provided, not by individual scoring of each section. It should be noted that this category is open to any company or organization involved in the parking industry whether it is a parking operator or supplier.
*To win this category entrants must also be a finalist in one of the other categories.

Assessment criteria

STATEMENT by the organization:
Provide a maximum 1,000 word statement discussing the organization and why it deserves recognition including a list of products/programs/services offered.

Provide a maximum two pages including an organization chart, an operating statement and facts and figures that describe the volume, size, efficiency and service of the organization.

A two-page description highlighting a specific cutting-edge program/product or service that the organization has implemented within the last two years. Discuss the outcome of the new program or service and how it affected the organization and its customers and staff. Discuss the company’s human resources strategy, employee benefits and involvement. What sets the organization apart from others? Outline certifications, awards and recognitions.

IMAGES - upload images with a high resolution (1920 x 1080 px) JPGs or PNGs of initiatives supporting the submission
AUDIO/VIDEO OR MEDIA CLIPPINGS – Audio/video or media clippings (If available)


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