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PIE 2017 Seminars Announced!

PIE 2017 Seminar Program Announced!

The Parking Industry Exhibition 2017 continues our cutting edge seminars and events focusing on the latest developments in the parking industry.  This year’s event brings us back to our traditional home base at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL.

In addition to traditional seminars which focus on the main sectors of the parking industry; municipalities, universities, airports, hospitals, sports venues and commercial parking, PIE 2017 will feature a multi-day session for On-Street Parking Management by Paul Barter, Adjunct Associate Professor in the LKY School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore (NUS) where he teaches on urban transport policy.

We are focusing on Municipalities, University and Hospital Campus Parking, Shopping and Business Development, and Commercial Parking Operations.  Each group will have a series of seminars, presentations, and expert meetings honed to their particular needs. It will be like a Forum for each within the event.

The seminar program at PIE 2017 will bring together the greatest minds in the parking industry to focus on four segments:

•  Municipalities

•  Universities/Hospitals

•  Business Developments/Shopping Centers

•  Commercial Parking Operators

Each sector will have eight seminars completely devoted to the its unique issues. PLUS we will feature Boot Camp, Technology Camp, and a special Keynote to kick of Technology Wednesday. You won’t want to miss PIE 2017.


Cities have parking issues related to dynamic pricing, fee collection, enforcement, parking guidance and parking permit districts. All these are combined when the term “Smart City” is mentioned. PIE 2017 will bring them all together and provide insight into solutions for a municipal parking program.

•  Smart Cities – an hour and a half session led by experts in the field that will talk not only about the generalities of bringing big data to bear on city problems, but also how parking specifically can be a leader in the smart city phenomenon. Parking is the area that touches each citizen and communities will want to show their residents how data collected can make their city more livable, and parking is on the frontline in that discussion.

•  Parking and Transportation – Parking Policy is an often forgotten part of the transportation program in a city. How do the way fares are collected and parking is paid combine? Smart phones, smart cards, and the like work in some cities to pay all transportation fees, but can they work in yours.

•  Pay by Cell – There are many options, many differing programs, some work, some don’t. Discover the companies available in your area, Hear the good, the bad, and the worst. Find out why a city stopped pay by cell, and another doubled down. You will take away a list of all pay by cell companies and their pluses and minuses.  

•  On-Street Technology – Replacing meters? Have just installed Multi Space Meters? Aren’t Happy? This seminar will tell you the facts about the differing technologies, single space vs multi space, in street sensors to reset, differing purchase programs – cities will discuss their experiences and vendors will answer questions.

 Parking Apps – and Connected Cars- They are the rage. They are in the headlines. What has been the experience from cities that have signed up. This seminar will lay bare the technology, and tell you just how they work and why they succeed, and fail. Connected cars are not coming, they are here. Will they help or hinder your municipal parking operations.

•  Do I have to be a Computer expert, or hire one? Yes. But how do you go about the process. A headhunter, a city, and an IT expert tell their stories. And you will walk away more comfortable and knowledgeable.  You may not be an expert, but you will know the questions to ask, and what the right answers are.

•  Enforcement and Permit Districts All the policy on the planet is useless if you don’t have a competent enforcement operation. Should you outsource, should you run it yourself. Both answers may be yes. Listen to those who did both and decide. Plus, hear what the companies you could hire have to say. Make an informed decision.

•  On-Street Dynamic Pricing We hear about dynamic pricing but does it work? One city says “yes,” another not so much. Does dynamic pricing reduce cruising, make space more available, is it popular with merchants? This seminar tells all sides and will leave you with a better idea of how to approach this issue. Reached out to Julie for ideas. 


Universities and hospitals have similar issues. They have a fluid staff, thousands of daily visitors, huge structures, permit programs, and a population that feels put upon if they have to pay to park. There are constant pressures on the parking and transportation departments to find more space, increase transportation ridership, and work magic at the same time. These groups of seminars are tailored to your needs.

•  Campus Permit Programs – You have one, its works. Why come to this seminar? Find out what programs are out there. Do you have to write your own software? Can you begin with a phone call to a vendor? A large school and a small one discuss the differences, and the costs.

•  Big Data – This is the perfect place to collect data, but what should you do with it. How can current and past data help you in your planning for transportation and garage capacities. Do you need that new shuttle? How many spaces should you plan for five years from now. How can you use data to assist in enforcement, keep your customers happy, and do both at the same time?

•  On campus technology – Meters, single and multi-space, variable signage, way-finding, License plate recognition -  its all out there. Can I do away with gates? Is pay by cell a viable option? This hour and a half seminar looks at what is there and let you question vendors that you will see on the trade show floor.

•  Permit allocationHow one campus used a reverse auction to allocate permits and set pricing.  – And yes, everyone loved it.

•  LightingYou can cut your lighting costs in half, but you need to know what to do and how to do it. LED lighting is here, in a big way. Listen to a hospital, a campus and a vendor talk about lighting and the issues in its purchase. Its not as easy as flipping a switch.

•  Converting to Pay from FreeThis is not the most difficult thing to do, you just think it is. Yes, you can charge for parking and not lose customers. You can turn it into a benefit for your parkers and your tenants. Listen to those who have been through it.


Business Development/Shopping Centers

You own a garage adjacent (or under) a high rise.  You own or manage a shopping center. The parking operation is the first and last touch you have with your tenants or customers. You want it to be the best, don’t you? But you also want to collect the money due. These seminars focus on the business side of parking as well as the public relations that need to go alone with it.

•  Parking GuidanceSome say that a parking guidance system can increase the size of your garage by up to 15% -- better usage, quicker parking, happy customers.  But it’s not cheap – Talk to people who did install the systems and hear about the results.

•  Revenue Control Technology Do you need a ticket dispenser at the entry lane? – Do you even need a gate?  Is license plate recognition good enough to allow you to run without tickets? What about Magnetic Stripe vs bar code? Who has the answer? This seminar talks about pay in lane with credit card, pay on foot, pay by phone number, loyalty programs, and the rest. 

•  Converting to Pay from FreeThis is not the most difficult thing to do, you just think it is. Yes, you can charge for parking and not lose customers. You can turn it into a benefit for your parkers and your tenants. Listen to those who have been through it.

•  LightingYou can cut your lighting costs in half, but you need to know what to do and how to do it. LED lighting is here, in a big way. Listen to the difference it made in one shopping center. The lighting actually increased sales in the tenant. A vendor talks about lighting and the issues in its purchase. Its not as easy as flipping a switch.

Commercial Parking Operations

Parking operations is a broad and varied topic. It includes operators as well as owners and covers personnel, marketing, and technology. Plus you have to add a dash of experience and common sense. 

•  Social Media and Parking – It’s the latest buzz word, but its important. Whether its Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, or one of the rest, communicating with your customers and employees through the ‘net is not going to go away. Parking Today’s columnist and expert Kathleen Laney along with Parknews’ Editor Astrid Ambroziak delve into the reaches of social media and how you can use it to your advantage.

•  Searching for IT Employees – Face it – all the technology that is being tossed at parking can be daunting, particularly for a manager who came up through the ranks. What is the solution – Training? Replacement? Or having resources on your staff to help when its needed.

•  Marketing 101 – Sure, you can put up a sign and raise and lower a gate, but can you really reach out to the people you want to park in your garage. Do your print and internet ads have the professionalism you would like. Former parker exec and current ad man, Bryan Gusdorf gives you an in-depth look at marketing, advertising, and getting your message across.

•  Outside AuditorIs it to my advantage to have an outside auditor? I’m an operator, I have internal auditing to ensure my staff is on the ball. Should I have an outsider come in and audit the books? Some think yes. Find out why and how you can profit from it.

•  What is better, a full garage or maximum income? We strive to fill our garages, but is that the best solution to a healthy bottom line. The technology available today can assist you in adjusting your pricing to maximize profit.  Isn’t that what its all about.

•  Software security – EMV and the rest – Where are we now? Is pay by cell secure? Are credit cards the solution of future payment or are they the bane of humanity. Can your PARCS system truly be secure, particularly if it’s in a cloud?

As in the past, seminars will never conflict with trade show hours. 

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet potential customers and present your wares and services. Our networking events are places where you meet attendees in relaxed sessions. Every day, more networking – coffee in the morning, breaks at midday, and cocktails in the evening. You skip those events at your peril.

PIE 2017 will stress that we are Engaged, Dynamic, and Instant. Our media products will promote PIE. The changes you see will make it an even better event, and our daily online updates will create the buzz you need.  

PIE 2017 is the place to be.

Other seminars throughout the exhibition will include our most popular sessions on revenue control, auditing, and what to expect no matter what the economy does. Round tables and seminars will focus on parking at a university, a city, a major shopping center and development, plus well, check back to this site to see.

The Parking Industry Exhibition reaches out to dozens of experts in all areas of the Parking World. These are consultants, vendors, senior parking managers in cities and universities as well as parking operators and parking facility developers. We asked them to participate, we did not simply put out a “call for papers.” It’s much more difficult to develop a program this way, but it means that you will receive the best information from the finest sources available.

Don’t miss out on this year's outstanding educational seminars in Rosemont at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare.

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