What's New At PIE 2020?

What's New At PIE 2020?

PIE 2020 is all about Sharing your Parking Experience.


What’s New at PIE 2020

Our Venue –

Join us in San Diego in late March. The city has the best weather in the country. While Chicago, New York, and Boston are freezing, San Diego is basking in subtropical weather. We are at the San Diego Convention Center, located across the street from the City’s famous Gaslamp district, filled with restaurants, clubs, and attractions. We are a short walk away from the famous “Top Gun” bar where scenes from the famous movie were shot. Come a day or two early and visit the world famous Zoo and Sea World. San Diego is a destination you won’t want to miss.

Opening Network Event

Its Top Gun - Our party this year celebrates the heroes of the Naval Fighter Weapons School just up the road from PIE 2020. Take off in an F14 Tomcat, have your picture taken with you know who, dance the night away with the best music of today and yesterday. This party will get you ready for Top Gun Maverick, the sequel to Tom Cruise’s famous 1980's hit , Top Gun, coming summer of 2020. It’s a night filled with excitement, fun, and a lot of surprises. Great food, adult beverages, and of course – TOP GUN.

Make Appointments in Advance to Meet with Exhibitors


PIE 2020 is proud to offer the technology that will allow attendees to make in booth appointments with exhibitors during show hours. You can search exhibits by product or service type, and then request appointments. The exhibitor can then ok the time or suggest a different one. Once the final appointment is made, the attendee receives confirmation and it goes on their planner. Attendees who specifically want your type of product or service will be lined up at your booth.

Seminars, sure but different

BUT – we also have seminars designed around you, the attendee. Come to a session and find yourself on a panel of experts – well why not. No preparation needed. You have spent a lifetime preparing. Tell your story, interact with the audience, bring new ideas. A leader will guide your group through the discussion. Not up for prime time, sit back in the audience and listen. Who knows, something may come to mind and you too will feel it’s time to participate.

Speed Networking featuring a Wine and Beer Bar

Here’s the place to share your parking wealth and meet colleagues that you can turn into friends later. Attendee, vendor, consultant, join Marcy and Astrid as they guide your through the fastest introductions in the industry. Space is limited so be on time. Have a brew, talk fast, pick up business cards, and enjoy.

Tuesday Evening - Free to Enjoy San Diego

Take a breath on Tuesday and visit the Gaslamp district, just across the street. Have some fun, or a world class dinner. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to have receptions and parties on this ‘open’ evening.

Our Mobile App

Although we will present you with a complete program and documents to help you navigate PIE 2020, the Mobile App will provide you with the most current information right on your smart phone. It will also let you communicate with other attendees AND use social media to post information and pictures about your experience at PIE 2020. Download it today and begin following the Parking Experience as we complete each step in PIE 2020.

Morning Coffee

Get the sleep out of your eyes and have a chat over a cuppa. Coffee will be available before the seminars on Monday, Tuesday,and Wednesday. Find the coffee service just outside the seminar rooms on the second level.

Smart Parking and the Parking Experience Symposium – How do we Work within its framework while meeting our Customer’s Parking Needs

In past years, the Parking Industry Exhibition has ended with a symposium that featured technology both in use today and what we will see in the future. Speaker after speaker spoke about how Silicon Valley was bringing parking into the 21st century and how its tech would make our lives better in the future. This year we are turning the symposium on its head and focusing on how technology can be used, along with excellent customer service and enhanced customer experience to make parking more attractive to the parkers. Don’t miss this Wednesday wind up.


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